There are millions of colors within the spectrum of light, but only a limited range of color that human beings can perceive with their eyes and interpret with the brain, but not only are there colors that surround us on a daily basis that we don’t perceive; light waves don’t die, but instead they shift and continue to exist eternally.

The power of vision originates from the photoreceptor cells found within the eye, known as rods and cones. Rods allow the eye to perceive in low-light conditions or gray-scale, while the cones deal with color. The majority of human beings on the planet possess three types of cones, which are triggered by different wavelengths of light impacting the retina located at the back of the eyeball. These wavelengths, short, medium, or long, will determine what signal is sent to the brain; short wavelengths are perceived as bluer, longer wavelengths are redder, and the wavelengths in between and combinations of these wavelengths create the kaleidoscopic rainbow. Each cone holds the ability to distinguish around a hundred shades, which can be calculated to be at least one thousand three or a million combinations of color, however take just one cone out of the equation and the number of possible combinations drops a factor of one hundred to ten thousand.

The cone cells detect just a small sliver of the light wavelengths that pass through the optical window of earth’s atmosphere and do not contain all the colors that the human eyes and brain can distinguish. Ultraviolet rays are invisible to most humans though there are some conditions where children and young adults may perceive them. These waves that human eyes perceive are not affected by Earth’s gravity, but are slowed upon entering a denser medium of the atmosphere, and just as sound waves interfere and interact with each other, light waves do the same, but they also have the ability to gain or lose energy in finite amounts related to their frequency. It is understood by physicist that light is not only considered a wave, but also a particle, though it is neither particle nor wave. It can be described with mathematic equations that are appropriate to particles, but at other times the metaphor of waves is more effectively applied, thus illustrating the elusiveness of light and how it cannot be fully imagined or understood by the human brain.


Chloe and I spent the rest of Sunday afternoon sequestered in my bedroom sitting across from each other on my bed, sharing our personal occult and paranormal experiences, particularly when and how we discovered that we were able to do things that other people around us could not. Frankly, at first I was reluctant to share anything with her, not because I thought she would think I was mentally ill; it had already been established that she perceived me as sane, but because I was slightly concerned about what she would do with the information once I shared it with her. I quickly realized that if she did leave my house and directly go tell other people; friends, her father, or even the police, they would most likely think she was as mentally ill as I was since everyone in town knew me as such. So, I rationalized that since she was willing to share her dark secrets with me, then she deserved to hear about mine, though I did not yet reveal to her what treasures I kept concealed on my MP3 player. Well, at least not that particular afternoon.

Chloe had been involved, along with her two “friends” Nick and Jack, who she mentioned earlier that afternoon, with stealing an ancient grimoire from a museum in Salem and holding some sort of necromantic ritual on Halloween that succeeded in resurrecting three witches who had died in 1692. She had been a witness to some authentic and horrific witchcraft done by these witches, including transmogrification, but she confessed with slight embarrassment that her memory of that night and the entire following year was confusing and fragmented. The medical doctors, along with her PTSD therapist, suggested that it was all normal and the confusion and slight memory loss were the results of the trauma she experienced during that time. Her mind was not only trying to heal, but was attempting to protect her from the pain and suffering she endured. As result of the events, her Dad moved them to Rhode Island the following year, though Chloe was suspicious of his reasoning. She believes that while it was true that he thought it better to start “fresh”, as was his usual way of dealing with anything uncomfortable, she was convinced that he was keeping something about that night and possibly the following year hidden from her.

She confessed that it was only within the last six months that she accidently discovered her abilities.

“What sort of abilities?” I was curious to know what she could do.

“I don’t know what it is called,” she shrugged. “And it’s difficult to really describe, but when I look at someone and focus on them I can see waves of … well, like waves of color or … waves of light around their body.”

I was fascinated with her explanation and tried to imagine what it felt like to experience what she had just described.

“Are you seeing their aura?” I suggested, being familiar with the concept and recalling my own experience with Aunt Rachel’s aura.

“I don’t know,” she shrugged again. “Maybe? I don’t know what that looks like,” she explained.

She made a valid point; how could she relate to what an aura looked like without ever having seen one. I decided to explore her ability in a different way.

I gestured to myself with both hands, “Use your ability to look at me and tell me what you see.”

“Okay,” she nodded with a weak smile. It was obvious that she was uncomfortable, but willing to humor me.

She inhaled, filling her lungs with air while she focused on me; her eyes remained opened, then slowly exhaled. She repeated this a few times, while I remained silent. I studied her closely and wondered if she was executing the same sort of relaxation exercise I did before I proceeded to manipulate someone else’s energy. What was happening inside of Chloe? What was she thinking? Feeling? Seeing?

After a few more breaths, she subtly tilted her head backward and closed her eyes. When they reopened the pupils and irises had vanished.

I gasped unprepared for her eerie appearance. The noise of my sharp inhalation caused her to lose concentration. She blinked, returning her eyes back to their normal condition.

“Oh fuck! Fuck!” she exclaimed. “Are you okay, Angie? Did I hurt you?”

This ability was clearly all very new to her. She had yet to build up the confidence I had, probably because she hadn’t been forced to pull a loved one from a paranormal vortex that had appeared in the foyer of her family home to save that person’s life.

“No. I’m fine,” I dismissed her concern with a wave. “I’m sorry. I guess I was just unprepared for your …” I pointed at her mesmerizing green irises, “Eyes to do that. It’s kinda freaky.”

“What?” She jumped up from the bed and rushed over to the floor length mirror attached to my closet door. She pulled down the bottom lid of her left eye and examined her eyeball then proceeded to do the same to the right. “What do my eyes do?”

I shifted my position so that the soles of my Mary Jane’s touched the floor. “They go completely white.”

“No shit!” She shifted her gaze to my reflection. “Seriously? For reals?”

I nodded.

“Should I try again?” she asked as she turned to face me.

I shrugged. “Why not. I’m really curious to know what you see.”

She focused on me, her eyes staring while I stared back focusing my own eyes on her. As she inhaled so did I. As she slowly exhaled, I did, too. Our breathing fell into resonance. She slowly titled her head backward closing her eyes. I lazily blinked and when I reopened my eyes Chloe’s white eyeballs had returned, but my attention was no longer on the appearance of her eyes. My own vision had blurred as images flashed through my mind with a swiftness that prevented me from comprehending what I was seeing; but the emotions associated with them poured over me like a warm sultry liquid; drenching me, drowning me, and spewing forth from the fount of my power. I desperately attempted to surf through the waves of complex emotions, searching for the center, where this excess of emotions sprang.

What was happening? I felt myself begin hyperventilating.


Chloe had triggered my own ability!

If I didn’t gain control of it quickly, I instinctively knew that I would do something that I would later regret.

I frantically located my center of power and coiled my mind around it, drawing the emotional energy into itself like a whirlpool of living energy. I spindled that sparking and vibrating mass of power and harnessed it. I found that this was not a difficult task; however I was at a loss as to what I should do next. The last time I had done anything similar to this, I had intuitively given the energy to Aunt Rachel in order to strengthen her weakened energetic vibration, but what was I to do with it now? Should I attempt to pass it to Chloe? Would she be able to handle it?

As I silently contemplated my next action, my vision cleared and I focused on Chloe who stood just a few feet away, and though I visibly saw nothing with my physical eyes, it was clear to me that my friend did.

“It’s beautiful, Angie. My god! I’ve never seen anything like this!” she said breathlessly, as she slowly reached out towards me with her hands.

I watched in fascination as subtle waves of energy that reminded me of heat rising from the hot pavement in August emanated from her palms and moved towards me. As the strange waves enveloped me I felt their heat and vibration, and heard a whispered hum.

“What do you see, Chloe?” I asked.

“All around you … there is a purple, no, not purple, more like blue? It’s a glow that … moves around you,” she described with joy.

I knew what she was describing; it was the evanescent radiance that had mesmerized me as I worked on Aunt Rachel’s doyens. The warmth and tingle I felt from Chloe was exactly when I had experienced then as well. At that moment I understood that as I was able to distinguish hidden voices within music and sound, she was able to see the hidden colors of light within our environment that other humans could not.