Chapter XXX

The voices of the Ancestors, organic and disturbing, thrashed around Mr. Stokes and I like the Atlantic during a perfect storm. The sounds had grown steadily in volume and force once the ancient sphere was removed from the sanctuary of its wooden box. The ancestors recognized the artifact and were threatened by it. And justifiably so, it held arcane power that was inherently mine to wield for the sphere was created by and for the women of my bloodline, and they were cognizant of that fact, some may have even used it when they resided on this earth plane. Their chorus of howls, shrieks, gurgles, snarls, and ravings in an ancient language that I didn’t comprehend, but instinctively knew was a spell, not only intended to bind Aunt Rachel’s essence to theirs, but mine as well, seemed to become larger than the available space in the foyer. The eerie sounds reverberated through my physical body. I could feel the sound tug at my spiritual essence, struggling to yank it from its corporeal vessel. With my free hand I reached for Mr. Stokes, who stood just a few feet behind me on my left. Joining the energetic frequencies of our physical bodies, we would be bound to each other and anchored to the physical plane, enabling me to greater withstand any energetic attacks the ancestors threw at me.

“Are you ok?” I had to yell to be heard over the din.

“I am,” he assured me as he gripped my hand with his. “Are you?”

With my eyes still closed, but face turned toward him, I nodded. “Please, don’t let go of my hand, Mr. Stokes.”

“I wouldn’t think of it, Angie,” he shouted.

My hair whipped around my face obscuring my physical line of vision, but I didn’t need to open my eyes in order to know what was enfolding around me. Though the Ancestors had come into entrainment with multiple frequencies and were manifesting on the physical plane, they were still visible to me on the other planes, which is where my focus was at the moment seeking Aunt Rachel’s detached doyens. The shimmering opaque sphere I held in my right hand possessed an internal primordial glow, which I instinctively knew meant that it was prepared to be utilized. I directed the spindled energy I held within me into the sphere, just as I had done when boosting my aunt’s energetic vibrational frequency. The sphere felt familiar to me, as if I was connected to it, that it had been in my possession and I had used it countless times before. Had I always possessed the expertise to manipulate it successfully? Was it possible that I had been born with this knowledge and skill, but that it lay concealed, dormant within me until I unconsciously triggered it?

Once the intense flow of energy had been established, I slowly opened my eyes to find that not only were there visible waves of sound and bright light churning around us, but scraps of paper, leaves from Mother’s house plants, and random small items from the side table in the foyer were also now whirling around us as well, momentarily confusing and disorientating me.

I looked back over my shoulder at Mr. Stokes. “Ready?”

He nodded, shielding himself with his free hand, from the random projectiles that bombarded us as they passed. Round and round. Continuously spiraling, creating a rhythmic air current that vibrated with the odd noises and ancient chant that assaulted our ears. We were running out of time. Intuitively I knew that the Ancestors had almost finished casting the binding spell, the energy was moments from reaching its crescendo.

The feel of Mr. Stokes hand in mine and the warmth of the sphere brought me comfort and strength as I stared into the middle of the foyer just a few feet before me where Aunt Rachel’s body laid, the same spot where she had been standing just twenty-four hours prior. I saw that her overnight bags still remained abandoned where she left them by the front door; a reminder of a mundane life that seemed foreign and unattainable. I slowly inhaled and with the next exhalation, I willfully projected a visible stream of radiant energy from the sphere towards the area near my aunt’s body. The energy first gathered a few inches above the floor tiles and took the form and size of the sphere I held in my palm, but then continued to expand until it was a large sphere, big enough in diameter to engulf Aunt Rachel’s body, which it did, extending her upright and suspending her a few inches above the floor. The sensations accompanying the energy stream were enthralling, giving me a high that no prescribed medication ever did or could. In the fringe of the energy stream, I noticed the things that I had seen when Mr. Stokes and I worked on boosting Aunt Rachel’s energetic vibration, but they appeared more condensed and uniform, less fluid, and as I studied them I watched as they metamorphosed into ethereal beings of light and sound encircling my aunt, separating her energetic essence from mine, which was now imbued with the energy of the archaic sphere.

“You can’t have her. She doesn’t belong here, she belongs with me!” I screamed, though I wasn’t entirely certain if I shouted with my voice or with my mind.

I pushed forth a burst of dark indigo energy that created a ripple of vibration, forcing the ethereal beings away from Aunt Rachel, so that there was no longer a barrier between us, enabling me to reach out for her with my own essence. Because I had been intently focused on her, reliving our shared moments, and tapping into our family bond, I easily found resonance with her vibration and gently tugged at her, loosening her from the primordial frequency of the ancestors that she had been entrained with. I psychically compelled her doyens to fuse and encouraged her spiritual being to reestablish the bond with her physical body. The energy flowed through my entire being sending charges through my essence, empowering me and bringing clarity to my psyche.

The dissonant voice of the Ancestors distorted, becoming garbled and chaotic. The archaic language chanting the spell was no longer audible and the howls, shrieks, and snarls were nothing more than hoarsely corrupted murmurs. The established rhythm decayed as the force and sound of the whirlwind faded. The ancestors’ influence over Aunt Rachel diminished until it was nullified. I carefully severed the energetic bond between her essence and my own, allowing her to reestablish resonance with the vibrational frequency of the physical realm. Her feet touched the floor and she collapsed as gravity was established again. We rushed to her side, Mr. Stokes reaching her a moment before me.

“Oh, Rachel, Rachel, Rachel,” he cooed softly, as he cradled her like a child. He gently brushed the chestnut strands of stray hair away from her closed eyes. His actions expressed a great affection he held for her that would be undeniable after that day. I was baffled by my lack of awareness of his feelings considering the amount of time I spent with him, though it was true that with me, he was usually reserved when it came to discussing his personal opinions or facts about himself. I wondered if my aunt reciprocated his feelings. It was something that I was going to ask her when things returned to whatever normal was for our family. “Please open your eyes, darling, and look at me.”

Aunt Rachel’s chest heaved once as she coughed. A foamy substance escaped her parted lips and spilled down her chin, Mr. Stokes gently whipped it away with his fingers as she blinked her eyes numerous times before focusing on his face. She sluggishly turned her head to look up at me. I caught her gaze and smiled. It was a relief to see her conscious and moving, but something … something in her eyes … the way she was looking at me, something just seemed … not exactly right. Something was fallow. Never breaking our gaze, I squatted so that I was closer to her eye level, hoping to get a better understanding of what had shifted, but before I could do or say anything, Mr. Stokes pulled her against his chest and hugged her, sobs of relief and words of endearment spilling forth from him as she weakly returned his embrace.