Chapter XXV


All matter is composed of energetic geometric shapes. The earth has been identified as a dodecahedron; a polyhedron with twelve flat pentagonal faces with three meeting at each vertex. It has twenty vertices, thirty edges, and one hundred sixty diagonals. The edges or ley lines that comprise the earth dodecahedron creates the same geometric pattern of energy that has existed since the time the earth was created; this energy field is known as the World Energy Grid. It is due to the natural energetic correspondences between the earth and all other matter which manifests the energetic interchange at specific prominent points of the earth dodecahedron. It is at the intersecting points of the ley lines that hold powerful electro-magnetic forces and where natural portals appear around the globe. Ancient structures that humanity has built in numerous places on the earth were erected at these specific locations to amplify the earth’s energy field, and by creating specific shapes such as mounds, henges, megaliths, obelisks, and pyramids, humanity has the ability to magnify, channel, and manipulate that natural power, allowing for the creation of portals that may not have been already present.

According to the multiverse theory of Quantum Mechanics, whenever there is an energy emission from a higher plane of existence to a lower plane, that energy emission would create a vortex or portal, or as suggested by Theoretical and Particle Physics, a wormhole, that could be used to connect the two separate points in space-time, or one plane of existence to another. This bridge could connect extremely long distances such as a million light years or a short distance such as a few miles; it could even connect different points in time. These portals would act like a tunnel with two ends, each at separate points in space-time. The signs that such a portal is present on earth are numerous: strange vapors, unusual cloud materializations, odd rock formations, mutated animals, strange electromagnetic phenomenon such as: disrupted cellphone services, radio frequency failure, and compass malfunction.

As I stood in the foyer of our house, I exhaled, pushing all extraneous concerns from my mind and eased into the vibration of the sounds hidden within the air current that was swirling around our bodies. It was an exercise that I was familiar with as I had done it numerous times before. While maintaining the physical connection I had established earlier with Aunt Rachel, by holding her hands in my own, I reached out to her and sought to energetically connect with her; I reached out for her with my own spirit, the essence of who I was and easily found resonance with her as well as the eccentric melody that was vibrationally present and became acutely aware of the murmurs shrouded within the sound. The familiar whispers became clear to me. Usually when I heard them, they were a comfort with their unwavering encouragement and support as I forced and trapped the energetic vibrations of my tormentors like Ryan, Josh, and Peter Morrell, to The Astral Plane, but in this moment the voices brought me only fear. It was concerning to me that those whom I had come to know as my kin were now bringing me distress.

If Aunt Rachel was hearing and listening to these voices, those whom were whispering within the usual melody of sound, and if she followed what they were instructing her to do, she would become one without a corporeal form and would no longer be anchored to the physical plane. She would be an easy thing to be manipulated and possessed by any stronger energetic vibration. These whispers were attempting to coax Aunt Rachel’s essence to move in unison with the flow of the peculiar sounds originating from the air current that surrounded us. Our ancestors, if that is who they truly were, wanted her to fall into entrainment with a plane of existence beyond the Physical, beyond the Astral, somewhere I did not recognize from my experiences or studies. I couldn’t allow this to happen. I needed Aunt Rachel in my life. I wanted her here with me not trapped in some other dimensional plane. What the fuck was going on here?

I gently and cautiously, energetically pulled at her, but encountered a slight resistance. They wouldn’t let her go. They wanted her with them, but I was determined to change that. I would stop them, if I could. Aunt Rachel didn’t belong with them. She wasn’t dead. It wasn’t her time. I didn’t understand why they were doing this and honestly it didn’t matter to me. I intuitively believed that the living blood bond I had with my aunt, a connection that these disembodied ancestors didn’t have with her, must hold some sort of power that I could use to tether her to me and ultimately the Physical Plane. I carefully crawled my hands up her arms, never physically letting her go in fear that they would snatch her away, until I had drawn her body against mine. When she was close enough to me, I kissed her lips, licking the blood that had covered them. Her nose bleed hadn’t stopped and continuously leaked onto her blouse and skirt creating a morbid crimson pattern that looked like a Rorschach inkblot. I kissed her chin, taking more of her copper tasting blood into my mouth to be sure that I had consumed enough to strengthen the blood bond we shared. My mind flashed with an image of my cousin, Christian, as a profound feeling of sorrow weighed upon me. This was something important for my Aunt Rachel, something that lead to this current situation she was experiencing, but I didn’t have the time to contemplate it. I cleared my thoughts of the visions and energetically yanked at Aunt Rachel, but the resistance I initially felt had become stronger. The haunting voices continued to caress my psyche persuading me to release the psychic embrace, promising me an influx of power if I did. The easily distinguishable voice of Syn rose above the chorus of the others and gently, but sternly, encouraged me to cease my continuing efforts to free Aunt Rachel from the grasp of the dissonant melody.

I was confused. Why would Syn instruct me to abandon the one person in my family who respected me? I didn’t understand, but I didn’t have the luxury of time to consider her reasons. I could feel and see that Aunt Rachel’s body was vibrating in unity with the sound of the dissonant melody of the air current that surrounded us. Her body slowly rose from the floor and she levitated a foot above the tile. I psychically called her name as I pulled at her essence, hoping that at any moment she would be freed. I felt the slightest yielding in the resistance, which encouraged me to yank harder. The more I worked at freeing Aunt Rachel the more adamant Syn became with her demands of me to heed her bidding, and when I ignored her, she began to berate and reprimand me, but I refused to relent, and instead, harnessed the power I held within my own veins, the same power that Syn herself had bestowed upon my family bloodline.

I reached within myself finding the center of my power and fused my own essence with my aunt’s, binding us, making us one person, one energetic entity so that instead of having to pull Aunt Rachel free, I could force us free. Since I was already in resonance with the curious melody that encompassed our physical bodies, I began siphoning and spindling its energy within me. The energy was living; it tingled like electricity and vibrated like the strings of a cello when stroked with a bow. It was warm like the rays of the August sun and moved through me like a shot of my Dad’s favorite brandy. The more energy I drew into me, the more hold the ancestor’s had on Aunt Rachel diminished and the force of the whirlwind surrounding us steadily decreased. The whispers and vibration faded until there were gone. I carefully severed Aunt Rachel’s essence from my own, allowing her energetic vibration to become stronger, less ethereal and more physical as her feet came to rest upon the tiles of the foyer. Her eyes closed as the weight of her body caused both her and I to collapse onto the floor.

I heard Mr. Stokes calling my name and his face appeared in front of me as I closed my eyes, the blackness slithered around me, enveloping me uncomfortably so that I could not respond to him.

A loud screech pierced my brain as I heard her voice echo, “You’ve made a grave mistake, my young Valkyrie, and you will pay dearly.”