Chapter XV

The nature of a human being consists of seven doyens or layers. The first is the most recognized as it is the physical body. It is the form that we manifest on the physical plane of existence in order to experience that which it has to offer. It is the vehicle for the astral body, which is the second doyen. The astral body is impermanent though it is not completely ethereal or physical. It flows and develops as the physical body grows through life experiences. Both the first and second doyen is powered by the third doyen which is the force or energy of the Universe, Higher Consciousness, or God. Within Abrahamic writings the third doyen has been labeled “the breath of life”. The fourth doyen is desire; the impelling force which motivates all human beings. Desire has been compared to electricity and similarly has been and is used in the same way; with either “good” or “bad” intentions as it itself is neither “good” nor “bad”. The fifth doyen is ego. Ego is the immortal essence that possesses the intuitive mind, the analytical mind, and the personality all of which are reincarnated at death. The sixth doyen is the spiritual soul, the vehicle which: channels intuition, inspiration, and forgiveness, discerns “good” and “evil”, and attains instantaneous understanding and wisdom. The last doyen is logos, pure consciousness, unadulterated cognition, divine wisdom and awareness. It is the same within all sentient beings and stellar bodies. It is the feeling and knowledge of “I am”.

Plato was an Initiate, and therefore could not go into forbidden details; but he who is acquainted with the archaic doctrine finds the seven principles with separate functions, in their various             combinations in Plato’s writings. The principles are divided thusly between the two distinct natures within man: the spiritual man and the physical man. The spiritual man is he who thinks, and the physical man is he who records as much of these thoughts as he is able to assimilate. The spiritual man is composed of three principles; the physical man of four; in all there exists seven.”
– page 159, Sacred Magick

The volume of the music playing in my bedroom was loud enough not only to be heard but to be felt as well; the walls, furniture, and empty bottle of Fireball Whiskey fell into alignment with the vibration of the rhythmic beat. I attained resonance, closed my eyes, and listened, riding the waves of the musical energy as the various voices shrouded within the song whispered to me the meaning of ancient mysteries scored in the universal language of sound. As the forbidden knowledge unfolded within my consciousness it unlocked the legacy of the Williams family. I felt it strengthen the flowing blood within my veins with an intoxicating power that could only be described as primordial and unyielding, a power I would confidently attribute to that of the goddess, Syn, and that which I read about when researching the Blood Omen.

I opened my eyes and focused my attention on Ryan as he reentered my bedroom. I anxiously waited for the moment when he fell into resonance with the music, that divine moment when his energetic frequency began vibrating in sync with the sound waves of the song that filled the room. I wasn’t required to wait long, which was a welcomed surprise; as I didn’t really enjoy the anticipation and would much rather experience the end result of my efforts. I visually witnessed as well as experienced the music ripple throughout Ryan’s human body, passing through each layer with ease. He began physically tremoring then within seconds completely forcibly vibrated, indicating to me that entrainment had occurred. I smiled coyly and danced seductively towards him, never breaking my direct gaze, casting a simple yet effective fascination.

“Go Angie,” he smirked, opening his arms and beckoning me to move closer to him. “I didn’t realize you were such a party girl.”

“Me? A party girl?” I shook my head. “I don’t think so.”

“You could’ve fooled me with those sexy moves. Come on, Angie, bring it over here.”

I feigned a playful giggle. He was oblivious to what he was truly asking for. But oh, he would find out very shortly. You see, Ryan, he was disrespectful. When he used his binoculars to violate my privacy by voyeuristically peeping through my bedroom windows at night, instead of bird watching or star gazing, he sealed his fate. Instead of being a neighbor and potential friend, he became my tormentor and just as Syn showed no mercy to my family’s ignorant tormentors in 1692, neither would I.

I reached out for him not only with my physical body but with my complete being. I gently pulled at him but encountered a slight resistance; as I tugged a little more forcefully I felt the pleasurable moment of complete surrendered release. Without a corporeal form to anchor him to the physical plane Ryan was an easy thing to manipulate.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me, Ryan,” I whispered heavily. “But tonight, well, you will know me quite intimately.”

“Hell yeah!”

I spun him around the room swaying with the sound of the music; we moved as if we were one person, one energetic entity. It was evident that the whiskey made the experience pleasurable and nonthreatening for Ryan as he laughed while we merged and twirled. I don’t even think he realized what had happened to him in those anticipatory moments. Eventually I closed my eyes, breaking visual contact and moved away creating a spatial distance between our energetic vibrational bodies, but Ryan didn’t seem to notice. He was drunk not only from the consumption of the alcohol but from the melodic soundwaves of the song that was just moments from ending. With my arms raised and moving in the familiar conductor’s gestures, I effortlessly guided Ryan who had been levitating in the middle of my bedroom towards the speakers of my PC which were symmetrically positioned on either side of the flat screen monitor Father had purchased for me on my last birthday. I sighed with satisfaction as the song came to an end, its volume steadily decreasing causing Ryan’s energetic frequency to visibly become smaller; fading it seemed, into nothingness. I closed my eyes as the calmness enveloped me, cradling me in the depths of profound satisfaction.

The sudden appearance of Mother at the threshold of my opened bedroom door ripped me from my trance, paralyzing me with confusion and dread. What was she doing? How long had she been standing there? Had I been caught? Had she witnessed the incident with Ryan? And if she did, did she understand what she saw? What would happen next? I was unable to speak my thoughts quickly overwhelmed me.

“Angie?” My Mother rested her left hand on the door knob as she briefly hesitated before entering my room. “Is everything all right?”

“Yes. Fine,” I reassured her. My heart was beating so fiercely it was causing my chest to hurt. I tried breathing deeply and relaxing myself but I was losing to the inner chaos which was threatening to overcome me. I frantically walked over to my desk adjusting the volume of the PC speakers. I knew I would receive a reprimand from Mother if the music were to begin playing at the current volume setting. “You’re home early.”

“Early?” Mother chuckled sarcastically as she fidgeted with her pearls. “It’s nearly one, Angie. I hardly call that early.”

One? There is no way it could be that late, could it? I glanced over at the digital clock on my bedside table. Confusion began slipping into panic. How did three hours pass so quickly? I glanced from the clock back to where my Mother stood by the bedroom door examining the empty bottle of Fireball Whiskey.