Chapter XI

The act of creation happens within the four realms of occult philosophy. These realms are the Spiritual, Mental, Astral, and Physical, however the division is artificial and arbitrary because these realms are not a specific locations but are ascending degrees of life, the lowest point being matter and the highest being that of spirit. Within each of these realms there are numerous dimensions or planes which have no real boundaries and blend one into another. They are superimposed upon each other so that they exist in the same place, at the same time within one reality. They are comprised of matter which permeates everything that exists within the Universe whether it is a physical thing or a human being or thoughts, emotions, gases, light, sound; all these things are made of the same matter. This matter is measured by its energetic vibration; the higher the degree the rate of vibration, the higher the plane of existence, the lower the degree the rate of vibration, the lower the plane of existence.

“It could hardly be contested that from the highest manifestation, to the lowest, all things vibrate, except, perhaps in the refulgence of extreme ignorance. The deliberate, profound, and unrefuted datum — to use the most appropriate word – is that everything is in motion, everything vibrates; nothing is at rest. Be this as it may, not only do things vibrate at different degrees of motion, but as in different rates and in a different manner. The degrees of the rate of vibrations constitute the        degrees of measurement on the scale of vibrations – in other words the degrees of the Fourth          Dimension. This has most firmly been established by the Seers, which is why they have termed The Fourth Dimension ‘The Dimension of Vibration’.”
– page 174, Sacred Magick

Within occult philosophy there are seven planes of existence which include all forms of matter, energy, or force. The highest of these planes, the one that vibrates the quickest is The Ultimate Plane. It is comprised of an energy so highly organized that it is unthinkable to humankind. It is described as unity with God or Oneness. The next plane is The Divine Plane. This is the vibration that births souls and where they return once physical life has ended. The Spiritual Plane is the vibration of spiritual knowledge, experience, and gnosis. Spiritual beings such as angels, saints, avatars, gods, and buddhas advance in development and achieve enlightenment. This is the plane that aligns with the Norse concept of Asgard and Vanaheim, where Syn and the other gods of that pantheon reside. The Mental plane is the energy of pure intellect and creativity and The Astral Plane is the medium for that vibration, as well as, the medium for the transmission of energy waves such as light, heat, electricity and sound. It is the bridge that links matter and energy. It is where consciousness goes after physical death and can be visited by the living through lucid dreaming, trance, mediation and near death experiences. The Elemental Plane is comprised of life force, the energy that is the power for the matter on the Physical Plane and The Physical Plane is the visible reality of space and time, energy and matter. It is the vibration of solids, liquids, and gases as recognized by the study of physics. The Physical Plane is where humanity experiences life.

These planes work in cooperation with each other towards the goal of creation. When one plane is triggered it sends the vibration to the plane that is layered upon it which responds by aligning with that vibration, this continues to ripple until manifestation within the Physical Plane is achieved. Human beings only become aware of the various planes of existence when they purposefully shift their energetic vibration to be in alignment with that particular plane, as is done when an individual astral projects into The Astral Plane, or when their vibrational frequency is forced to resonate with the vibration of a specific plane.

Forcing a human being’s energetic vibration into entrainment with a plane of existence beyond the Physical Plane is difficult however it is not impossible. The technique utilizes the power of The Spiritual Plane and those beings that reside therein which is not readily available to the majority of humanity but fortunately for me, I am part of the minority. Because of my bloodline, because of the vow I made to Syn, I possess the ability to not only align myself with the vibration of The Spiritual Plane but to also syphon that energy and store it within me for access later when I require it. I used this energy when I visited with Josh in the hospital the other day, when I forced his energetic vibration to align with The Astral Plane and in essence trapped him there.

We sat in the meticulously decorated living room. I was on the sofa next to my Mother, who wordlessly scrutinized the two police detectives, Moore and Walker, while they questioned me about my visit with Josh. They sat across from us in the matching Queen Anne chairs my Mother purchased at the antique auction last year. Both men were casual and bored with their questions for me. It was clear that this was a routine visit and I was under no suspicion with the police. Detective Moore, the older man seemed to be in charge as he asked the majority of questions. Detective Walker took the occasional note on the pad he had removed from his jacket pocket.

“Brittany Finch is a volunteer at the hospital. Do you know her?” asked detective Moore.

“Yeah, she’s a friend.”

“She informed us that you went to visit Josh Keyes on Tuesday around 2:00 in the afternoon. Is this correct?” he asked.

“Yes, I think so. I’m not sure though,” I continued being as honest as I could. “Sometimes I get my days confused.”

“It’s a side effect of her medication,” my Mother explained, as she tapped my knee with her hand. God, I hated when she did that. It was so condescending. “She’s being treated by a psychiatrist for paranoid schizophrenia.”

Yes, Mother, thank you, that was brilliant. Detective Walker jotted something in his notepad. Probably something like, ‘Rumors are true. She is insane.’

“Angie, did you see anything unusual when you were there? Anything seem out of the ordinary? Anyone hanging around in the corridor?”

I shook my head. “No.”

“How long did you stay?”

“I don’t know, it wasn’t too long.”

“Make a guess,” suggested the detective.

In my peripheral vision I saw my Mother’s usual idle hands fidgeting in her lap but they were the only indication that she was at all uncomfortable. She wore a façade of serenity as her fearful eyes tracked each of us as we spoke. I was curious as to why she was uncomfortable. What was she afraid of? That her daughter did something in appropriate? Or was it possible that she knew …

I shrugged, “Maybe ten or fifteen minutes.”

Detective Walker nodded and scribbled in his pad again.

“What did you do while you were there?”

What did I do while I was there? I chuckled silently. Do you really want to know, detective? Because I don’t think you’d believe me if I explained it to you. I did something pretty spectacular. Maybe you’d like to experience what I did for yourself, Detective Moore. Would you like that?

“I talked to him, played him some music,” I said. It was truth. I didn’t even have to lie to the police. “I read somewhere that talking and playing music for coma patients can help them recover quicker.”

Both Detectives nodded their agreement. “Anyone else come into the room while you were there? Nurses? Doctors? Volunteers?”


My Mother cleared her throat, doing her best to ease the anxiety she was experiencing. “Has something happened, detectives? Something with Josh? Is that why you’re here questioning, Angie?”

The two men exchanged quick glances. Detective Walker nodded his permission. Apparently he was the one in charge.

“Josh has gone missing.”

“Missing?” She was confused. “I don’t understand. Isn’t he in a coma?” She looked over to me for an explanation, an explanation that I couldn’t, or rather, wouldn’t provide. I shook my head and shrugged as my Mother continued with her questions. “How can someone go missing if they’re in the hospital in a coma?”

“That’s what we’re trying to figure out, Mrs. Williams,” explained Detective Walker as he stood, closing his notepad and returning it along with the pen he had been writing with into his jacket pocket. He removed a business card and handed it to me. “Angie, if you think of anything, anything at all, please call this number.”

“I will.” I took the card he handed me with a nod, then quickly looked down at it, forcing myself to focus on the lettering so as not to show how pleased with myself I was.